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James Eves

After more than twenty years in business, in five countries and three continents, I’ve had to learn a few things. Like dealing with great uncertainty, becoming more resilient, and being calm and comfortable with change, but the biggest transformation came when I understood my strengths and how to play to them.


Now, I coach others to do the same. My work spans:

Strengths in Organisations: Gallup Strengths helps employees understand their unique identity, put strengths to work to achieve business goals, and create high-performing teams by unlocking complementary strengths by project or business goal.

Strengths in Sports: Gallup Strengths for professional sports teams and back-office staff gives more insight into creating winning partnerships and developing high-performing teams without compromising individuals.

Strengths for Young People: Gallup Strengths in Schools gives teachers a chance to understand their own strengths, as well as the strengths of their students. This means everyone not only works better together but also grows in confidence, self-awareness, and ambition. Find out more about Inspiration North, my social impact work with children and young people.

James Eves

My Strengths

We all want to know who we're working with, so my top three strengths will give you a little insight into who I am and how I work.



People with strong Strategic talents can sort through the clutter to find the best route. This outlook means I'll see patterns where others may see complexity.


It also means I'm often wondering, "What if x happened? What if y happened?" 


This helps me see, plan and prepare for future situations. 


People with strong Futuristic talents love to peer over the horizon.


I am indeed, often thinking five, ten, or fifty steps ahead! I'm often anticipating and considering in detail what an idea, project, or problem could become and the impact it could have.


People with strong Positivity talents are generous with praise, quick to smile and always on the lookout for the upside of the situation.


Little wonder I became a coach!


I have an optimistic and hopeful outlook, and am regularly looking for ways to make my coaching sessions more exciting and dynamic.

A little more about me


Coaching hours as a Gallup® Certified Strengths Coach


Countries (Sweden, France, USA, UK, and Hong Kong)

Warm, calm, positive, thoughtful, curious, reassuring, understanding.

How my clients describe me


Years of business experience


CMI Level 7 Certificate in Leadership
Coaching & Mentoring
Gallup Global Strengths Coach Certification
Advanced CliftonStrengths Coaching Course
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
BA (Hons) International Business with French

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