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Your strengths are your greatest asset

Strengths coaching brings out the very best in people and teams in organisations, education and professional sports

How I can help you understand and develop your strengths 

Strengths Profiling

A strengths profile focuses on what you do well, rather than any perceived weaknesses.

Using the Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment to identify your unique talents, your natural patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, we can prioritise your strengths based on how dominant they are.

You'll receive a detailed report on your strengths, and how they might present in your behaviours at work or in your personal life.

In a team situation, we profile the strengths of each team member.

Strengths Exploration

Strengths Exploration gives you the chance to explore and understand your dominant strengths.

We look at where these themes naturally show up in your working life, how you plan or strategise, how you come up with ideas, how you lead a team, or how you connect and network with others—where do these strengths enhance and supercharge what you do, and where might they derail you?

We'll look at how we can optimise and embed those strengths, have you lean into them even more and use them to reach your goals.

In a team situation, we'll explore the strengths of the team members as individuals as well as taking a view of the whole team, determining how to optimise the strengths of the group to reach your goals.

Strengths Coaching

Ongoing Strengths Coaching encourages continuous development, accountability, and insight so that you can hone your strengths and use them in increasingly intelligent ways to reach your goals.

Strengths Coaching can be exceptionally helpful in times of change, whether you're seeking a promotion or career pivot, or if a team is facing a particularly difficult project, transition or challenge. 

Strengths Coaching embeds self-awareness and confidence, enabling you to see clearly the impact you can have on your colleagues, teammates, or networks. It also gives you the confidence to step into your strengths and maximise them.

Client Stories

Strengths coaching can give people and teams a new way to use their skills,  improve performance and set a path for success.

Client: Celebrate Difference

As a rapidly growing business, Celebrate Difference wanted to understand the strengths across their whole team to better allocate work, set objectives and manage career development. With the overall aim of setting strong foundations ahead of a period of further growth.

Coaching: Team

I worked with twelve members of the team, firstly to identify individual strengths and coach those team members to embrace their unique talents and use them effectively at work. And subsequently, to map the organisational strengths, outlining gaps that could inform staff development or recruitment.

Industry: Adult Support Services

"Working with James has given our team members a sense of validation, has shown them what their strengths are and where they fit in the team. I'm looking forward to developjng this further to understand what it means for our growth and future company plans." Laura Forsyth, Managing Director

Client: Jason Gooding

Jason and I worked together in advance of Jason's planned career move. 

Jason was looking to get some clarity on his offer as a candidate, what he would bring to the role that no other's could and to be able to evidence that robustly and authentically. 

Coaching: Individual

Individual coaching such as this gave Jason the chance to a) understand his strengths for the first time and b) to identify opportunities to use them for the benefit of his organisation, team or in this case to support a career move.

We worked together to enable Jason to clearly communicate and evidence what drives his ability to succeed. 

Industry: Local Authority

"Strengths coaching with James helped me develop a successful strategy for interviews, rooted in evidence and a deep self-awareness of my own strengths. His warmth, humour and approach made the whole experience a pleasure.... I got the job, and I'm better at it in no small part because of James' support!" Jason Gooding, Director of Neighbourhood Services at Wirral Council

Client: Laura Rothwell

Laura and I worked together during a pivotal career and life change.


Laura wanted to understand more about her strengths and how to use them to create a career which better suited her skill set and lifestyle following a diagnosis of ADHD and Autism.

Coaching: Individual

The individual coaching sessions focused on exploring Laura's strengths and how they were both helping and hindering her long term goals, and way of working.


In the coaching, Laura was able to get some clarity on her route forward, and developed confidence in her strengths to make those big strategic decisions.

Industry: Professional Services

"I've done a lot of these types of assessments throughout my 20 year career, Myers Briggs, DISC others I can't remember. CliftonStrengths was not just the most accurate, but the most actionable. I could immediately see where I was using my strengths effectively, and where they were derailing me a bit, or taking over. The coaching with James gave me a lot of insight into myself, not just at work but in life, and gave me the knowledge I needed to make some big decisions in my professional and personal life!" Laura Rothwell, Strategic Marketing Consultant

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