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Your next career move could 
change your life.

Are you moving up?

Going for a promotion at work, stepping up to manage a team, competing for a coveted exec director role or taking on your first leadership position?  

Strengths coaching can give you the knowledge, self-awareness and skills to stand out and make an impact.

Taking a sideways step?

Are you side-stepping into a different industry or sector? Moving into a different department or team?  Or taking on additional responsibilities?

Understanding your strengths can aid a smooth transition, maximise your transferable skills and make an impression.

Or starting from scratch?

Making a total career change? Starting a completely new role in an unfamiliar industry?  Starting your own business, developing a product, or going freelance? 

Your strengths are your USP, strengths coaching can give you the insight and confidence to sell yourself and make connections.

Strengths Coaching 

Your strengths are your greatest asset, isn't it time you put them to use?

Everyone has a unique set of strengths; the innate, natural abilities that you can productively apply. 

Strengths coaching enables you to identify exactly what your strengths are and actively put them to use in your work and life, to help you to reach your goals, whatever they might be.

Typically, professional development focuses on weaknesses. A strengths-based approach turns that on its head. Instead focusing on developing, improving and honing what we're already good at.

CliftonStrengths, an assessment developed by Gallup, helps you to understand your unique talents.


Strengths coaching enables you to put them to use so you can achieve your goals at work and everywhere else.

Over 32 million people are harnessing their CliftonStrengths to thrive at work - and they're happier for it.

Benefits of a strengths-based approach 

The best version of yourself

Those receiving strengths-based development are six times more likely to agree they're able to do their best work.

Better quality of life

If you know and use your strengths you're three times more likely to report an excellent quality of life.

More engaged at work

People who are using their strengths everyday report being six times more engaged in their role.

I'm James Eves,
The Strengths Guy

After 20+ years in business, in five countries and three continents I’ve dealt with great uncertainty, become more resilient, become comfortable with change, yet the biggest transformation came when I understood my strengths and how to play to them.


Since becoming a Gallup® certified strengths coach in 2020, I’ve been coaching individuals and teams to uncover who they are, and what they do best, turning this into confidence, and success; however that’s measured. 

Book a short call to find out how strengths coaching can help you get where you want to be, whether you're climbing the ladder, making a sideways move or starting a new venture.

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My top 5 strengths

Team Coaching

Work with me to understand and align individual strengths to excel in a team setting, empower managers, and create a more collaborative, higher performing team.

Individual Coaching

Work with me to uncover your strengths to transform your work and life with greater self-awareness, more confidence and momentum towards your goals.

What next?

Get in touch with me.

My strengths coaching and development brings out the very best in people and teams in organisations, education, and professional sports.

If you're looking to make a change and don't know where to start, let's talk.

What my clients say

Unlocking the potential within

We started working with James to unlock the potential of our team and it's been a great success. Being aware of our strengths (and our weaknesses) helped us to get the right people working on the right projects, better apply ourselves to tasks and to communicate with each other more impactfully. I highly recommend that leaders looking to get more from themselves and their teams have a chat with James so they can understand how much easier and more enjoyable it can be to work with your team. 

Jimmy Armitage

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Your Wavelength

I’ve personally experienced and recommend strength-based coaching with James. This has been a truly valuable experience in understanding some of what drives my ability to succeed and use those strengths to amplify those success measures.


Those who I have recommended James to have had great results particularly in confidence building in pivotal career moments. I would highly recommend for anyone needing to really understand their superpowers.

Leanne Furnell

Director of Workforce

NHS North East North Cumbria ICB

James coached me using the Gallup Strengths profile. He helped me focus on my strengths and reflect upon where they can help (and get in the way, sometimes) with my objectives. Specifically he helped me develop a successful strategy for answering interview questions rooted in evidence and a deep self-awareness of my own strengths and areas for development. His warmth, humour and approach made the whole experience a pleasure.... I got the job, and I'm better at it in no small part because of James' support!

Jason Gooding

Director of Neighbourhood Service

Wirral Council



Professional Sports


Strengths Coach bringing out the very best in people and teams in organisations, education and professional sports

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